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The Who of Drama Ministry

You can not be all things to all people.  Ask for volunteers.  Not every production needs every one listed here. Pick and choose what staff you need as you need them. Instead of explaining each job here, I want to talk about personality types.

Pastors: The shepard of your local church.  He/she Must be involved in drama but only as advisor and permission giver.  Your pastor has enough to do, try to talk him/her into letting you and your staff handle as much as you are comfortable with.

Producers  These are the purse-string types.  These people enjoy watching pennies (nicely) and putting people to work. 

Directors:   These are your friendly neighborhood bossy people.  These people can get most people to do most anything without causing anger issues.  Also, directors are problem solvers, confident, and timely. Did I mention directors can see the final outcome of the production before anyone else besides the playwright?

Writers:   These are your creative types. These are the people that can tell a story that will engage the listener.  Don't worry if you don't have a playwright.  Many plays/skits/etc can be found for little to no money on the web including here.

Actors:  These are also creative types.  Instead of telling the story these people live the story.  By the time an actor is finished telling/showing you what happened, you feel as if you were there with them in that make believe land. Don't worry. To a certain degree acting can be taught and it can certainly be encouraged. 

Costumers:  Ah, sometimes you will be especially blessed and have someone who can make costumes.  Outside of that, these people enjoy dressing their charges, finding costumes and wigs and whatever else they need to help the actors become the characters.

Prop Masters/Set Designers: These are the people who can find anything anywhere for very little to no money.  If they can't find it, they can make it or find someone who can. They see what you need often before you know you need it.

Makeup Artists: These creative geniuses can take a beautiful young lady and turn her into a hideous old woman. They can get a man to put on stage makeup....a glorious feat. Basically, together with the costumer, they can make the actors look the parts.

Stage Managers: Know anyone who knows where everything and everyone should be at any given time and can actually get them there on time.  That's your stage manager. Stage Managers are your organized people.  They see what needs to be moved or who needs to be moved; and, they make it happen.

Lighting/Sound:  The amazing lighting and sound techs make everyone and everything look and sound wonderful.  They use just the right color or just the right sound to take the audience from their seats into the world the playwright, director, and actors have created for that moment in time.

Advertising/Marketing:  These are your social people.  Advertising and marketing people know who to call at the newspaper or radio station. They know what and how to phrase the ads. They can create flyers and be sure that the flyers get to the people. They know how and when to put the announcements into the church bulletin.  And, if you're very blessed, they know everybody and can get everybody to come to your production.



To God Be The Glory