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A Free Depository For Drama Ministry


 The Mission:

The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send out the Word of God through the stage. The cost is completely up to you. The blessings far outweigh the costs. They include: seeing the salvation of people, the growth of the church, and seeing the gifts of God being manifested.

Free4Ministry is a place for Christian Drama. There are links, skits, monologues, plays, etc.  This is a completely free site (thus the name).

The Rules:

1) You are given permission to use all of this copyrighted material for any free performance. Please print as many copies as you need for your actors and crew.

2)  This site is dependant upon those that write, direct, set design, and do all of the other things that make Christian drama come alive. If you have anything that you wish to include, please email me the information at [email protected]

3) Your information will NEVER be sold, rented, or given to anyone for any reason.  That's just plain rude and I don't like plain rude.

   God Bless



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